Results: 50-100bps to Bottom Line

The transparency into Document Deficiency at every stage is why clients are engaging us. Even better we don't touch the files but rather simply review them so the process is completely non-invasive. The result is astounding increases in staff productivity, file velocity and final loan quality enabling them to recapture 50-100 bps from existing production.

Improve Processor, Underwriter & Closer Productivity 200%

Double production capacity of existing Staff
       – Save more than $450 per file putting 18bps to the Bottom Line

Drop 20 Days from “App to Close” Cycle Times and hit Close Dates

Save 2 Days in Setup + 10 in Processing + 5 in UW + 3 in Closing
       – Save up to $1million per 2,000 units putting 40bps to the Bottom Line

Identify and Cure Defects for all Loans within Days of Closing

Double Warehouse Line turns and Deliver Trades within Days
       – Cut Carry times 50% and put 20 to 50bps to the Bottom Line

$500k in Found Money per 100M in Monthly Production